Our Black Friday Picks

The Larsson & Jennings selection to suit any budget.

The all-rounder

41% off: Lugano
Our classic Lugano is our OG shape and goes with everything, literally. Choose from a selection of colours, sizes, straps and you won’t be disappointed. 

Invest in a classic

31% off: Opera
Launched in 2018, the Opera is a fresh take on our known aesthetic, feeling truly luxurious and modern, it separates itself from the rest.

Invest in a statement piece

50% off: Solaris
For the faithful Larsson & Jennings customer, already satisfied with your simpler style, this is the time to build up your wrist repertoire and invest in something a bit different. A watch of many guises, choose from a rainbow of colours.

Treat yourself

15% off: Rally
Been saving all year? After something special that you will rarely find anywhere else, then the Rally is the choice for you.

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