Choose your style. Pair your Larsson & Jennings timepiece with a new strap from our collection to accent your individuality. 

Each leather strap is hand-sewn, shaped and tapered in Italy, using leathers from Swedish and British tanneries.

All Larsson & Jennings watch straps are interchangeable using a watch strap tool or similar pointed object. We would advise you to check the compatible strap size for your watch prior to purchase from the table below.

Watch Size Strap Size Circumference
26MM 12MM STRAP 7 inches
33MM or 34MM 16MM STRAP 7 inches
38MM 18MM STRAP 8 inches
40MM 20MM STRAP 8 inches



Mesh Straps (Milanese)

Our stainless steel Milanese straps are exceptionally flexible and can offer a number of sizing options whilst maintaining the aesthetic quality of the strap.

Watch our adjustment demo for a closer look


Link Bracelet (VASA)

For a more premium look and feel the link bracelet is a perfect option. These straps are exceptionally durable and can offer a number of sizing options by increasing or decreasing the number of links required.

Watch our adjustment demo for a closer look


In order to adjust any strap, strap tools and links can be requested from Larsson & Jennings. Please contact us for options.


In this short video we visit our factory to take a closer look at how the straps are carefully made by hand.

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