Somewhere in layed back Leyton, London we visited artist Frankie Penwill in her picture-perfect flat that lives and breathes art, design, plants, and pretty good taste in music. We've been a fan of the Devon-born artist's paintings for decades. Now we finally teamed up for a collaboration to bring you some Frankie x L&J inspired wallpapers you can download for FREE below! Inspired by spring, soft florals, vibrant colours and our favourite jewellery pieces, Frankie handpainted 3 artworks we will love forever.


What was your journey to where you are with your work now?

My illustrations were sort of my side hustle when I was working full time. Initially I was drawn to organic shapes and colours which naturally progressed to flowers. I experimented with photography, gouache, oil pastels and then digitalising my prints which was a process that came from my print background. But painting was always my favourite medium.

I love the natural mark making, the brush strokes, the mistakes which sometimes turn out to be the most beautiful parts.

How do you want your art to make people feel?

Calm and at peace, I guess the stillness that nature

brings is what I aim to replicate in my art. 

Sort of at one with yourself, and content.