Talking Female Empowerment With Viv

As part of Women’s History Month we caught up with one of our female muses, the stylist, content creator and writer Viv aka @vivthemole who put together a selection of L&J pieces here. Her newsletter is our favourite thing to see at the top of our inboxes and to delve into over morning coffee. 

Taking a deep dive into cultural analysis, trend reporting, curated secondhand shopping edits and everything in between, her style is impeccable and her satirical take on life is witty, insightful and a must-read. So if you don’t already follow her on Instagram, make sure you do, and sign up to her newsletter as well. 

We asked her to style some of her most loved L&J pieces, the Harpa Necklace and BraceletZodiac Necklace and Meja Ring and tell us what International Women’s Day means to her:

“For International Women’s Day, I think about how beautiful the world is because of the art women create by existing and expressing themselves. All my favourite books, movies, and stories in general - are about women and the way we feel. We feel so deeply through love and loss, growth and grief. As an Asian American creative, I feel most connected to art by other Asian and Asian American women. Inspiration is everywhere. It’s in actress Faye Wong’s forlorn and melancholic gaze in Chungking Express; architect Helen Liu Fong’s kitschy Googie style diners; author Min Jin Lee’s incisively written characters that feel like real people you know."