SANNA Eyewear

Mazzucchelli Bio Acetate

SANNA eyewear is made with Mazzucchelli bio acetate from Italy. 

Bio acetate is amore eco friendly acetate, using bio-based plasticisers made from renewable sources, instead of oil-based ones. 

It’s recyclable and biodegradable.

Zeiss Lenses

We have also partnered with renowned lens manufacturer Zeiss to ensure that each pair features the safest and most functional lenses.

All ZEISS sunglass lens feature 100% protection against UVA and UVB radiation, providing optimum protection for your eyes.

SANNA is an eyewear line designed to embrace the signature aesthetic of Larsson & Jennings. 

The range stays true to our values of longevity and sustainability whilst disrupting an industry which, much like the watch industry, is dominated by mass market brands.

Available in 3 designs, each a modern take on a classic, including the unisex aviator style. 

Every style comes in a choice of four colours, classic black and a range of flattering havana shades.