REN: Uncovering the meaning behind the pieces

When we first started to design the REN collection we had a strong sense of the themes we wanted to run throughout and the feelings we aimed to portray with each piece. It was to represent strength, femininity, and a deep feeling of self-love. The idea was to evoke a feeling of empowerment when adorning yourself in any piece from this collection. So with this in mind, let's explore the collection a little bit deeper and find out the meaning behind the pieces.

ADA - The name Ada is of German origin and derived from Adelaide, meaning noble, something or someone who shows fine quality. Combine this with the use of pearls, which are created as a defence mechanism by Oysters, what better way to represent strength then with (albeit faux) this beautiful strong element of nature. With the Ada pieces, come nobility and strength.

AYA - Aya has many meanings and all of them desirable. In Japanese it means design, colour or beautiful, and in Arabic, wonderful and amazing. For this reason these pieces speak for themselves, as chic and simple as they are breathtaking. We tried to encapsulate chic design in simply amazing pieces with the Aya Creoles.

ENNI - Our Enni hoops got their namesake from the Finnish definition “who fights with the sword” and with this undoubtedly powerful image comes empowerment for the wearer. Besides this it also has several connotations of light, from beautiful to torch, our Ennie pieces were created to bring light to your looks.

IBEN - Derived from harmony, all our Iben pieces showcase a perfect symphony between gold chain links and delicate pearls to represent the origins of their name. Finding Harmony between the two sides the Iben pieces were created to help bring harmony to the wearer and in turn induced feelings of of a harmonious life.

LIL - Not to be mistaken with the abbreviation for little, Lil is anything but. A shorthand of Lily, the most beautiful bloom, many believe it reflects purity across cultures. The Lily flower is an enduring symbol embodying passion and innocence, and with it may the wearer of our Lil pieces do so also.

LIVA - The concept behind our Liva bracelet was one of peacefulness. Delicate pearls juxtaposing the chain hopefully reflects this. Liva comes from the Latin name Olivia meaning olive tree, a universal symbol of peace and with this piece we aimed to inspire a feeling of tranquility.

LOVA - We chose the name Lova for these rings with the feeling of strength in mind. Meaning ‘renowned warrior’ they were created for all our warrior women. Be it the battles we go through in daily life, with the patriarchy throughout history; or the battles our bodies have to go through. The Lova ring is to remind us all that we are warriors.

MEJA - Our Meja pieces are big and bold, the most dramatic of the collection. Coming from the old Norse mäghin meaning ‘power’ and ‘force’ those who possess it are intuitive and have a strong sense of spirituality. 

TUVA - From the name of Scandinavian origin meaning beautiful, Tuva is taken from an old Norse name Tove which is related to Thor. Famously strong and powerful, Thor is a force to be reckoned with, but to us Thor is a female, beautiful, bold and empowered.

VILMA - Determined Protector. This is the definition of Vilma. Wear this beautiful piece that balances two contrasting chains in perfect harmony as a representation of the way women protect women. Mother to daughter, sisters together and that indestructible protective bond between female friends

VIVECA - We finished the REN collection with Viveca, meaning ‘War Fortress’ and this name perfectly encapsulates these maximalist pieces. Wear the chunky chains like armor, a fortress to guard you.They are iconic, striking and empowered just like you. This name felt apt for the Viveca pieces and we kept it in mind throughout the design process.

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