Caring for your watch & jewellery pieces

Tell me a bit about my warranty?

At Larsson &Jennings we are committed to creating beautiful, high quality pieces that will last a lifetime. Every piece of jewellery, watch or strap is covered by our two year international warranty, which means we will happily replace any item that suffers from a manufacturing or mechanical defect, not including general wear and tear or battery degradation. Make sure you follow the care instructions below to keep your L&J pieces in tip top condition.

All you need to do in case of a return request is keep hold of your confirmation email as proof of purchase and contact us here. If no replacement is available, you may choose a product of the same value (no cash refunds can be made after 21 days)

What's the best way to keep my watch clean?

Keep your beautiful new watch in peak condition by cleaning it regularly with the cloth included in its packaging. Avoid any cleaners or polishes as they may contain chemicals that will degrade it over time.

Is it ok to get my watch wet?

Whilst all our watches are water-resistant they are classed as 3ATM which means not fully water-proof. So a few splashes is ok but make sure you don’t fully submerge your timepiece in water. Our vegan leather straps should also be kept dry and out of direct sunlight.

How do I set the date & time?

Setting the Time

Pull crown out to the 2nd position.

Turn the crown to set your desired time.

Push the crown back into the normal position.

Setting the Date

Pull crown out to the 1st position.

Turn the crown down to select the date.

Push the crown back into the normal position.

Tips to keep my jewellery looking its best?

Whilst all our  pieces are well crafted, durable and made to last there are still some things you can do to make sure they stay looking their very best

. Avoid swimming and showering in your jewellry and remove your rings when you wash your hands, salt water, soap and chlorine can all over time erode or discolor metal.

- Be careful with your gems, extreme heat as well as chemicals and long periods immersed in water can eventually damage crystals so be wary of this also. 

- Try to avoid getting moisturiser, perfume or any other lotions and potions on your Jewellry by applying these onto your skin without them on.

How do I clean and store my jewellery?

All our jewellery pieces are treated with an anti-tarnishing coating. Tarnishing is a natural process, but can be recovered with a silver-polishing cloth. We recommend taking off your jewellery at home, in bed or while doing sports. Please store your jewellery in the dedicated box, away from sunlight, heat and humidity.

To clean your jewellery, we recommend using a soft toothbrush, water and natural soap and avoiding any other cleaners or polishes as they may contain chemicals that can degrade your precious piece over time. And whatever you do, ignore those old wives tales, toothpaste is not your friend.