Our take on Sustainability

Change is inevitable.

We started our sustainability movement two years back when we realised that our planet needs each and every one of us to work together. Ever since we moved to recycled packaging. We changed to vegan, biodegradable leather. We brought out our first range of sunglasses that are biodegradable and recyclable. We teamed up with B1G1 to give back to the earth by planting one tree with every purchase.

Our approach is holistic. We know that in order to create a truly sustainable business we have to put equal emphasis on our people and the planet as well as turning a profit.

There is always room to grow, learn, to do things better. Our goal is set: By 2030 we want to be 100% carbon neutral.

For our people.

For our planet.

For animals.

“In order to take,we must give back.”

The Larsson & Jennings Community's Impact

1% of every Larsson & Jennings purchase is donated to a nonprofit of your choice.
Check out the impact the Larsson & Jennings community is making below.


We care about how our products are made, not where they are made.

Every single watch is quality controlled in our own factory in Asia. Here we have established a safe and pleasant working environment with a team who are just as passionate about precise engineering as we are.


With precision & regular controls.

We love to make sure that you get products that are manufactured with hand and heart. Our regular quality controls ensure this standard.

Responsible Production

We love our people.

We make sure that our products are manufactured responsibly and efficiently. Combining integrity of design, quality and value for money is what we stand for. We know that in order to create a meaningful product, the hand who makes it has to be valued.

Stainless Steel

A modern aesthetic that is durable and recyclable.

Stainless steel is 100% recyclable &
eco-friendly. For our watches we use
lightweight stainless steel that looks sleek, and is extra resistant to outside influences such as water or dirt.

Vegan Leather

Because we care for the planet and its inhabitants.

That’s why we only use a high-quality PETA-approved vegan leather material that is both, biodegradable and 100% cruelty-free.

A Tree for Every Purchase

In collaboration with B1G1.

Becoming a carbon-neutral brand is
a big step, and not always easy. But in collaboration with B1G1, we have
established a way to effectively
neutralise our carbon dioxide footstep. With each purchase, we plant one tree. With each order, we give back.

Words from Andrew

Founder & CEO

“I as a business owner know that without implementing new environmentally-friendly ways, the world as we know it will one day be non-existent. It’s long overdue to stand up against mass production and do things better. Starting with smaller actions that build up to a long-lasting impact is what we are truly passionate about. We know that without a healthy world, we can’t survive either. Let’s make a change together!”